The Story

Two decades ago, a girl with dreams and ambition graced the shores of Australia. To make ends meet, she worked long hours to support herself and her studies. A boy caught her eye named Beau and their relationship bloomed into a story of courage and survival. The boy was the apple of  her eye, and introduced laughter and happiness into her new life. Friendship developed into trust, and trust developed into love. But this story didn’t have the happy ending they both wished for. Their peaceful life was disrupted when Beau became ill, which meant endless hours of work for the love of his life. Watching Beau deteriorate, her thoughts were filled with worry and anxiety. Beau didn’t have the courage to watch his love bear the heavy burden; he left without saying goodbye, knowing he was becoming a burden on her shoulders. Seasons passed, and the girl became stronger each day. Her love for Beau that remained took the necessary steps to build fashion brand Honey & Beau, in loving memory of her love. To this day, all her passion and energy is directed into dressing fashion forward females to make them exude confidence and femininity.