Neutral Mesh

Probably one of the biggest trends since spring 2013, mesh has been a power player in the style books throughout the warm and cold seasons. It’s important to remember that mesh comes in a number of weights and hole sizes. Remember to choose a mesh to suit the occasion you are dressing for. I love how crochet pieces have the bigger holes and this makes the look really ethereal and bohemian.
Personally, mesh only looks good in either black or white, but it’s also cool to overlap the two colours, especially in the colder months. Try adding a bomber jacket or leather to your look. It adds contrast and texture mix to your style, and serious street cred. 
Bloggers Jasmin Howell ( and Vanessa Hong ( are trend gurus when it comes to styling this look. It’s amazing how many different ways you can wear this trend and it’s easy to make the look feminine as well as masculine. Micro-mesh tends to be similar to lace and more evening in it’s wearablity. I would definitely recommend mixing up this trend with heel and sneakers. Both look just as good, but puts a completely different spin on each of the looks. I would suggest the latter for casual weekends. 
I love our new summer organza mesh crop and skirt. We shot this set for our new summer campaign and makes us crave warmer days so much more! So happy that it’s nearly the end of winter here in Sydney so we can all get onboard with this cool trend.
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